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August 19: Bristol Lord Mayor meets Yo-Yo School Exchange Students at UWE

Yo-Yo School Exchange, recently organised a once-in-a-lifetime event for their visiting Chinese students when they invited the city’s Lord Mayor, Councillor Jos Clarke, to give a talk about her role and the joys of living in Bristol.

The event was held at The University of the West of England, where student ambassadors were able to give the visiting students a tour of the campus, explain the British education system, and promote life in Bristol from a student’s perspective.

The visitors, all coming from Hefei Number 7 Middle School in China, had endless questions they wanted to ask, as did their teachers - keeping both the Lord Mayor and the UWE students on their toes.

Councillor Clarke later tweeted that she had “A lovely afternoon chatting to Chinese students considering studying at Bristol.”

Yo-Yo School Exchange predominantly organises educational and sight-seeing trips for Chinese groups, but also works closely with the international office at UWE Bristol, and with other higher education institutions and independent schools across the UK.

This particular group of visiting students were between 15 and 17 years old, meaning that they’ll soon be making a decision on their higher education pathway. Hopefully we may be seeing them at UWE Bristol in a few years’ time!

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