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School Visits

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UK School Visits

We provide short-term educational Summer and Winter camps for groups of  Chinese students who want a taste of British culture. 

We make sure we showcase the best sights and attractions the UK has to offer, whilst at the same time, providing a valuable insight into the British education system.

Bespoke Programmes

There's never a set itinerary for our visiting Chinese children, but we always make an effort to get them inside a British school for the day as it's always the highlight of their trip. 

Typically, the Chinese school day lasts several hours longer than it does in the UK, and lessons over there feel almost like a lecture with the teacher standing at the front with the students hanging on their every word.


Quite different to the UK!

Daily Plan

When it comes to the content of the school visit days, lots of our partner schools operate in different ways.

We're always super grateful to be invited to your school, so we're open to suggestions every time.

In the past we've had schools allocate buddies for the day and the Chinese students simply take part in their buddy's normal timetabled lessons for the day.

On other occasions, we've had schools organise British tea parties, pantomime shows, cooking demonstrations, dance performances and even a sports day! 

Yo-Yo School Exchange staff will offer as much assistance during the planning stages as you'd like. We also make sure that the visit days don't cost your schools anything, and will cover all costs.

Skills For Life

The overall focus of our school visit days is placed on helping students gain a better understanding of the world around them, and hopefully making them more well-rounded young people. These are the skills that will stick with them for life.

Contact or call 0117 975 8691 for more details on how to get your school involved.

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