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Feb 19 - The IELTS Exam: Passing With Yo-Yo School Exchange

As with many things in life, practice certainly makes perfect. The IELTS exam is no different, and although it may sound odd, when it comes to taking the test, mastering your exam technique is key.

Last week, Yo-Yo School Exchange welcomed a group of students who’ve set their sights on boosting their IELTS score by signing up to a Yo-Yo crash course to get themselves ready for the exam.

Realistically, even the greatest English teacher in the world will struggle to raise everyone’s grade in just a week’s worth of contact time. What will help however, is the focus our teachers place on developing students’ confidence when it comes to taking the exam.

Here, the role of the teacher is to fine-tune the student’s exam-taking skills. We share preparation techniques and encourage students to work through previous exam papers to make sure there’s no surprises on the day of the test.

The great thing is that our teachers are fully CELTA qualified and are able to tailor the lessons to suit the ability of the students. We’re proud to be able to offer flexibility in our lessons whilst not merely running a ‘fixed’ programme which would be of no use to anyone.

Yo-Yo School Exchange wishes all our students the best of luck with the IELTS test and we hope everyone gets the results they deserve.

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