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January 19: Yo-Yo Organises Meet-up for Young Pen Pals

Earlier this week, Yo-Yo School Exchange organised a pen pal meet-up in Oxford where primary school children could meet their Chinese pen-friends.

The visiting children were from Wuhan HUST Primary School, and were given a really warm welcome by our three partner schools; Crowmarsh Gifford CofE Primary School , St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, and New Marston Primary School.

Yo-Yo School Exchange worked closely with the three schools to plan a unique programme which showcased the best from each primary.

We were able to give the Chinese children an insight into the British education system by allowing them to sit-in on a full day of lessons at each of the three schools.

With the help of the teaching staff, Yo-Yo organised sports activities, singing performances, cookery lessons and even a pantomime show! Of course we still had time for normal lessons where the Chinese children were able to teach us all a thing or two about maths!

On the final day, during an afternoon tea party organised by St Thomas More Primary School, we managed to attract the attention of the local press - who wrote this article about us.

Tea time!

For most schools that run international pen pal programmes, it’s not always possible to meet up, especially taking into account long haul flights required and the organisational work required by teaching staff.

Yo-Yo School Exchange works tirelessly to eliminate any unnecessary hassle for teachers, especially in the lead up to the event. We make sure that pen pal letters are sent on time and to the correct students. We even give prompts to students who are struggling for things to write, so no one gets left behind.

We’re always looking to increase the number of schools involved in our pen pal programme. Click here to get in touch with one of the Yo-Yo School Exchange team who will be happy to answer any questions.

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